Video - Toronto Bus Rapid Transit

Videa Vanhool A330 Toronto Bus Rapid Transit

Toronto Bus Rapid Transit

Footage of buses on the Toronto Transit Commission's York University Busway. Taken at Alness and the busway, except for the last shot. Note how buses almost never have to stop. The main issue is that they get a red light if another bus has just gone through the intersection. 0:01 TTC Orion VII NG Hybrid #5561 0:30 TTC Orion VII NG Hybrid # 1358 turning onto the busway from Alness 1:12 TTC Orion VII NG #8124 and #8141 1:49 TTC Orion VII NG #8176 2:25 Viva VanHool A330 #5105 2:34 TTC Orion VII NG Hybrid #1364 3:23 TTC Orion VII NG #8177 turning onto the busway from Dufferin Street

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