Video - Exclusive: Various Washington DC buses at Archives 10-26-2010

Videa Vanhool A330 Exclusive: Various Washington DC buses at Archives 10-26-2010

Exclusive: Various Washington DC buses at Archives 10-26-2010

Special guest WMATAvid was with me during my adventure in video. Video various WMATA, DC Ciruclator and other buses at Archives- Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter station at Archives, Washington DC That Orion V sure sounds great as the engine is at its max power when it reaches its highest rpm during acceleration. In one of the video, while an Orion V was turning, the driver honked at me and I didn't know he or she was saying hi to me. WMATAvid said it did. How friendly they are. The Neoplan AN460 was great and looks alike to SEPTA's Neoplan AN460. I have to say that with its larger Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine, the acceleration was much faster than SEPTA's Neoplan AN460. The MCI A3 motorcoach, it was suprise for me as I was lucky enough to catch it. They're now least common to find them in service these days. That New Flyer D40LFR is just SEPTA's New Flyer D40LF except it is a restyled model and there's a rear window in the rear. That makes me reminding me of something familiar with when seeing it. Finally, New Flyer C40LFR, that bus looks awesome with its paint designed for MetroExtra service. Perhaps this is one of the best buses I saw here. WMATA Orion V Power by Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine with Allison B400 transmission Neoplan AN460 Power by Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine with Allison B500 transmission New Flyer D40LFR Power by Cummins ISM engine with Voith D864.3 transmission New Flyer C40LFR Power by Cummins C Gas plus with Voith D864.3 transmission DC Circulator ...




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