Video - A few random buses...

Videa Vanhool T815 A few random buses...

A few random buses...

Recorded on a chilly Sunday evening. Here are just a few buses that are leaving after the Lions' game has ended... If anybody knows the VanHool bus model, just let me know, thank you. UPDATE: The VanHool model is the T-815; thanks, MAR1NAB5180! Buses featured: Cardinal VanHool T-815= Detroit Diesel Series 60 + Allison World B500R Entertainment Tours MCI MC-12= Detroit Diesel 6V92TA + Allison HT-740 (Private) MCI MC-9=Detroit Diesel 8V71N + Allison HT-740 (Unknown) Blue Bird/International chassis = 90L + Allison AT-545

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